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About the Club

180 Degrees Consulting is the world’s largest university based consultancy, with 150 branches across 35 countries.The NIT Trichy branch was started as a tool for students to get exposure to the world of management consulting and has since come a long way.

Our Mission

  • To create an everlasting impact in society by serving our clients in social impact projects
  • Increase the effectiveness and troubleshoot problems in the client's organizations, thereby helping them achieve a firmer stance amongst competitors and in society
  • Spread the consulting culture in NIT Trichy and awareness of opportunities in the consulting world

Events Conducted

InHoTT - Case Study

InHoTT is the flagship event of 180DC NIT Trichy in collaboration with Pragyan and the Technical Council. The event is intended to introduce case solving and 180DC NITT as a club. Conducted in January 2021,the major highlights of the event are:

  • Active Participation of 120+ 1st year students (Batch of ‘24)
  • 20+ Mentors from 180DC NITT to assist the freshers

Management 101 from a Startup Founder

An interactive session by Nitish Mathur, CEO, 3Cans - A Growth Marketing Company. He is also the bestselling author of the book - Growth Hacking. This session was conducted on 4th April 2021. Highlights of the session are:

  • 80+ Registrations for the session.
  • Focus on the various management concepts applied in a startup.
  • Open to Internship opportunities for the Students of NIT Trichy and a brief overview of the experience.


A one-of-a-kind exclusive team event conducted for freshers to increase brand awareness and introduce them to the work culture inside 180DC NITT.

It had three stages:-

  • Venture: A business-tailored board game coded from scratch
  • Thinking on your feet: Simulation of a press conference where the participants represented spokesperson of a particular company
  • Blueprint: A business treasure hunt with clues hidden in 180DC NITT's social media handles and related sources.

CounterPlot was a grand success with 100+ participants, with the top 5 teams grabbing prizes worth INR 5,000. Apart from this top 7 teams had an opportunity to attend an interactive live Masterclass with the Leadership team. The event helped us build a strong telegram community of 200+ freshers.

Resume Building

A resume building session was conducted by our alum and now mentor, Aditya Muralidhar, Senior Consultant from Bain & Company. An estimated 100+ people were benefited by attending the information session


Cuddles Foundation

Cuddles Foundation is the only NGO in India providing holistic nutritional support to underprivileged kids fighting cancer. The 180DC team worked closely with the organization to create a risk management framework. With the help of the framework, the 180DC team was able to perform risk analysis for the entire organization and came up with 44 potential risks and their preventive measures & mitigation strategies.

CRY Foundation

CRY - Child Rights and You is an NGO that works towards restoring fundamental rights and upliftment of underprivileged Indian children. We at 180DC worked with the organization for the following:

Strategize an alumni event for CRY to bring together all their volunteers and interns (past/present).

Create a Virtual Volunteering/Internship Program Strategy for CRY to implement in both Offline and Online Mode.


Metvy is a Delhi-based startup developing a hyperlocal networking app. The team helped them with identifying their target customers and also in formulating a Go-to Market Strategy.


ConnectMeUp is an employee engagement firm founded by IIT-B alumni. The team worked on developing a client acquisition strategy and content strategy for them.

Masters Mentor

Masters Mentor is an Ed-tech venture that helps students upskill themselves in the latest management and analytics technology. They also help with profile building for applying to top B-schools. We helped them devise a pricing model for their digital marketing course, helped them run Social Media and Email Marketing campaigns. We also optimized the client's website and the enrollment process providing better brand reach and better awareness.


Tread is a Saas-based platform for fitness trainers to give workouts remotely to their customers. 180DC helped Tread with achieving Product-Market Fit and also developed a Go-To-Market Strategy.

Management Masters

Management Masters is an admissions consulting firm that focuses on coaching MBA aspirants to get into their desired B-Schools. 180DC helped them with a strategy to sell their Strategy Ebooks to MBA aspirants.

CAAPID Simplified

A dental admissions consulting firm based out of the US. 180DC helped them with strategies to scale their YoutTube Channel. We also developed an analytics tool to help predict the chances of admission for a candidate applying to dentistry programs in the USA and Canada.

Nalandaway Foundation

Nalandaway Foundation uses visual and performing arts to help children from disadvantaged communities in India. The problem statement was to develop a growth mindset amongst pre adolescents aged 10-13 in Child Care Institutions in India. We at 180DC helped design a program based on habit formation as primary means of intervention.


  • Winners - CAFTA EY Case Championship 2020
  • Winners - Sparsh Case Competition conducted by IIM-B Vista 2020
  • National Finalists - HSBC India Business Case Competition 2020
  • National Finalists - Solve! Global Challenge 2020 CaseSolvers
  • Top 10 - PM Live Case competition Redbricks Summit 2020 IIM A
  • National Finalists - ZS Campus Beats 2020

Induction Process

At 180DC-NITT, the selection of consultants takes place through a 3-phase process:

  • The first phase involves filling out a written application followed by a 15-minute interview process.
  • In the second phase, applicants will be given intensive training sessions by 180DC consultants and industry leaders from the field. This phase concludes with a case competition.
  • Applicants who get shortlisted for phase 3 would get an opportunity to work on a live project with 180DC consultants, followed by a final interview.

Core Members

Director of Strategic Partnerships

Kargil Mishra

B.Tech Civil Engineering


Director of Internal Relations

Sai Kiran

B.Tech Civil Engineering


Director of External Relations

Shravan Rathish

B.Tech Civil Engineering


Director of Branding and PR

Swesha Venkateshwaran

B.Tech Production Engineering


Social Media Handles

Website: https://www.180dcnitt.com

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/180dcnitt/?hl=en

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/180-degrees-consulting-nit-trichy/?originalSubdomain=in

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/180dcnittrichy/

Faculty Advisor

Dr. Janarthanan Balakrishnan

Department of Management Studies