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About us

The logo of Aayaam the Hindi Cell of NITT
Aayaam logo

The firmness of the nation depends on how deep-rooted its culture is. Aayaam - The Hindi Cell of NITT has been nourishing and strengthening these roots since 2004-05 when Hemant Kumar, Anirudh Roy, and Rahul Gadewadikar brought up the idea of establishing it as the Hindi Literary and Cultural Society of National Institute of Technology Tiruchirappalli.

Aayaam provides an open platform to the people who are willing to contribute to Hindi Literature. This literary group was the first of its kind in Tamil Nadu and the whole of South India, where Hindi is not widely spoken. The motive behind establishing Aayaam was to promote the love for Hindi in Trichy in general and NIT Trichy in particular. This Student's Society aims at keeping the elegance of the national language, Hindi, blossoming in NITT.

Aayaam acts as one family where the members connect with their love for Hindi culture and Traditions and to promote the same various competitions and events are conducted on a mass scale by them. The members are brimming with confidence as they organize the Hindi literary competitions at the inter-college and intra-college Levels, where they provide a platform for those who admire Hindi literature and want to bring forward their creativity in story writing, poem composition, or any form of composition in Hindi. Apart from focusing on Hindi Literature celebration for various cultural Festivals like Holi, Hindi Diwas, Navratri, Diwali, Rashtriya Ekta Diwas, and many more are organized by Aayaam.



Festember is an inter-college cultural, literary and arts program of the National Institute of Technology, Tiruchirappalli. It is a 4-day event held annually in the third week of September. Aayaam organizes various types of events in the Hindi literature in Festember. The participants of visiting colleges, as well as NIT-T, participate enthusiastically in the events. The events organised in Festember are as follows: - Jashn-E-Mausiki, Bollywood Quiz, Bluff Master, Extempore, Kuch Na Kaho, Rochak Mantarana, Halka-Fulka, Debate, Cricket Quiz, Chakravyuh, India Quiz, Creative Writing etc.


Umang, a Hindi week, is celebrated by Aayaam on the Hindi Day at the NIT Trichy campus. The objective of the Hindi week is to enrich the Hindi language in non-Hindi speaking societies and increase their curiosity towards the Hindi language. The inclination of today's generation to move towards western culture has reshaped the need for activities that make people aware of their culture. With this goal, the event Umang was started. More than 500 participants of the institute become a part of various events every year. The details of various events organized throughout the week are as follows:-

  1. Treasure Hunt - In the first event of Umang, the prelims of Treasure Hunt are conducted. It is a written event that tests people in both ways, logically and mentally. In the second Phase, It is a field event that tests people in both ways, physically and mentally. The spread of participants throughout the campus spreads awareness about the Umang event among students, staff and others.
  2. Jashn-e-Maushiki (Bollywood Quiz) - Cinema is the best way to promote any language, as cinema is the trend nowadays. Questions related to Bollywood are asked in this event. Bollywood Quiz is a two-stage competition in which the teams selected based on preliminary tests are called for the final stage, a stage-presentation event. This is a very popular event among the students of all colleges. It increases the reach of Hindi as a language on our campus; hence it is organized in 'Umang'.
  3. Shabalala - Its common name is 'Crossword', in which the participants’ knowledge level of Hindi vocabulary is tested.
  4. lndia Quiz - The event involves judging the participants’ knowledge based on general knowledge about Indian history, Current Affairs etc. It is a two-stage event in which only the shortlisted teams are given the opportunity to perform on stage.
  5. Chakravyuh - It is a puzzle (logical puzzles, Quantitative type questions, etc.) based competition. It is a two-stage event in which only the shortlisted teams are given the opportunity to perform on stage.
  6. Creative Writing - Poetry and literature are the foundation of any language. This competition tests the writing/ critical thinking ability of the contestants. In this event, audio, video or picture is provided to participants for writing the creative depiction of the given content.
  7. Parliamentary Debate - This is commonly known as a panel discussion in which participants are given a topic relevant to the current issue inside the institution. After that, a debate between the judges(panellists) in front of an audience led to the topic’s conclusion.
  8. Just a Minute (JAM) - This competition tests the ability to speak Hindi without pronunciation and grammatical mistakes. Participants are given a topic to talk about with a challenge of zero grammatical errors and proper pronunciation. It is one of the most popular literature shows and sees excellent participation.
  9. Movie Screening - Cinema reaches out to most of the campus people and proves to be a significant contributor to the spread of Hindi as a language. 'Umang - Hindi week' brought a movie screening in which a famous Hindi movie is screened.
  10. Jhankaar (Cultural Night) - Hindi is associated with Indian culture, and hence the final night of Hindi week is celebrated by students with outstanding performances. At night, the students are given a platform to showcase their talents in singing (solo/duet) and dance (solo). Everyone enjoys this program very much, and it is highly appreciated.

Dandiya Night

Dandiya Night, the much-awaited event of Aayaam, is organized annually on the auspicious occasion of Navratri, where various students come in ethnic attire and enjoy Gujarati culture and dance with their friends. Goodies are also given to the students for the best ethnic wear. The primary purpose of this festival is to show respect to Maa Durga on the auspicious occasion of Navratri. It was initiated in 2010 with a view that students who are more inclined towards western civilisation and culture should not forget their tradition.

Hindi Learning Classes

One of the major contributions of AAYAAM for promotion of Hindi in South India is achieved by organizing Hindi learning classes for both students, faculties and Their family members every year. .Held for 25-35 hours over a span of 1 week. Emphasis is laid on Spoken Hindi to enhance their communication, reading and writing skills. The participation was beyond our expectations which is pushing us to expand its horizons to other sections as well..


Aaveg is the annual inter-hostel cultural and sports festival for the first-year students of NIT Tiruchirappalli. Aayaam conducts all Hindi literary programs of Aaveg. Various events are organized every year, and an extra effort is also made to add a new program every year to attract the attention of the enthusiastic crowd. Aayaam organizes various Hindi literature related programs in Aaveg, e.g.: Name the Tune, General Quiz, Dumb C.


Nittfest is the annual inter-departmental cultural festival of NIT Trichy. Providing a platform for students to showcase their talents, along with a touch of departmental fervour. Nittfest is a fest that every NITTian looks forward to. It is usually held halfway through the even semester every year. Aayaam organizes various Hindi literature programs at Nittfest, such as: Jashn-e-Mausiki (Bollywood Quiz), Halka-Fulka, Creative Writing, Debate, Jugalbandi, Qawwali, Nukkad Naatak, Extempore, India Quiz, Kuch Na Kaho, Cricket Quiz, Haahaakaar, Chakravyuh, Shabdjal etc.

Holi Hungama

On the night before Holi, all the members gather to celebrate Holika Dahan and perform rituals in front of a bonfire and pray that their inner evil is destroyed in the same way as Holika was consumed by fire. The next day, colours and water tanks are arranged for all the people eager to celebrate Holi so that people play Holi among themselves. People apply colours to each other and enjoy the festival. Playing Holi amongst one another increases harmony and friendship.

Kavya Sandhya

Kavya Sandhya is an engaging cultural entertainment stage programme for presenting Hindi and Urdu poems by student poets. The program is a rainbow of poems based on humour, satire, patriotism, romance, sensation and cultural values. In this program, aspiring students from various departments, including MCA, M.Tech and other departments, showcase their poetic skills.

Pratibimb - Annual Magazine

On the auspicious occasion of Kavya Sandhya , Aayaam releases NITT's Hindi magazine "Pratibimb" every year.


  • Third Prize, Drishyam, Hindi Pakhwada, Rajbhasha Samiti, NIT Jalandhar
  • Third Prize, Mehfil, Hindi Pakhwada, Rajbhasha Samiti, NIT Jalandhar

Induction Process

We induct interested and enthusiastic young minds from 2nd year B.Tech, 1st year MCA and 1st year M.SC as per their profile interests which includes Content Creation, Event Manager, Computer Support Group, Design(Poster and Video editing), Publicity and Marketing. Usually, The Induction Process takes place during the August 3rd week.

The entire process consists of three phases:-

  • Written test- To evaluate the level of interest and skill set in the Hindi literature, event management
  • Group discussion- To evaluate general awareness, thinking and analyzing capability and communication skills
  • Personal interview- Final filtration to ensure the willingness to contribute and learn

Core Members

Name Role
Sumit Chhirush President
Kapil Nekwal Vice-President
Prince Ghotar Treasurer
Amritpal Overall Coordinator
Vishal Panwar General Secretary

Faculty Advisor

Dr. Bishweshwar Babu

Assistant Professor, Department of Mechanical Engineering

E-mail: bishweshwar@nitt.edu


E-mail: aayaam@nittt.edu, aayaamclubnitt@gmail.com

Website: https://www.aayaamnitt.club/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/aayaamhindicell/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/aayaamhindicell/

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/aayaamhindicell

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCPf6lIDUlea25TYYxdfCadg