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About the Club

Balls by Picasso is the Official English Literary and Debating Society of NIT Trichy.

The members of the club participate and win a variety of events like quizzes, word games, puzzles, JAM and other speaking events around the country in cultural, technical and quizzing festivals.


The club organizes and hosts quizzes, word games, crossword puzzles, and speaking events for Festember and Pragyan, attracting participants from all over the country. The club also organises all of the English Lit events for NITTFEST. We attend all major cultural festivals in India, such as Saarang (IIT-M), Kuruksastra (Sastra Univ), Mood Indigo (IIT Bombay), Oasis (BITS Pilani), Instincts (SSN), and major quizzes such as the Tata Crucible Quiz.


Notable Achievements (2020-21)

●Instincts (Cultural Fest of SSN Chennai) - General Quiz (1st)

●Saarang (Cultural Fest of IIT Madras) - JAM (3rd), Sci-Tech Quiz (Finalists), MELAS Quiz (Finalists)

●Surge (SPADE Events) - JAM (2nd)

●CUIZ (Christ University Quizzing Championship): General Quiz (Finalists)

●National Level JAM for bread and butter - JAM (semi-finalists)

●Unmaad (Cultural Fest of IIM Bangalore) - General Quiz (Finalists)

Induction Process

The Balls by Picasso inductions process is unique in that we ask interested students to set questions, word puzzles, and come up with interesting speaking topics for Festember 2022. The best candidates are chosen based on their participation in various English-Lit events held at college and outside, as well as their ability to set quality questions. Check out our Instagram page to stay up to date on our upcoming events and to join in on the fun.

Core Members


Abhishek K S

Vice President

Dhruv Iyer


Sree Ganesh T N

Social Media Handles


Faculty Advisor

Dr Malolan Sundararaman

Department of Management Studies, National Institute of Technology, Tiruchirappalli