Bonafide Certificate with Residence Proof

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  • Download the Bonafide form from this link.

  • Fill in your details and fix your Passport size photo in the space provided.(Note: If the student haven't allotted any hostel, convert the form to .docx and remove Warden's signature)

  • Log in to the Student Request Portal with your webmail credentials.

  • Steps to fill the form:

    1. Name: Specify your full name

    2. Enter Document type: Select “Bonafide”

    3. Enter your Contact Number: Enter mobile number

    4. Enter Signatories' Email address:

    5. Enter Purpose: Specify the purpose of document requisition.

    6. Upload the filled Bonafide form and your College ID card photo.

    7. Click Submit.

  • Once after HOD and Hostel warden approves your Bonafide, you will receive your it from ADSW within 2-3 days.