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Registering Course in Siemens CoE

  • Collect the Registration form from the Student Coordinator of Siemens CoE available at faculty lounge at the ground floor of the facility.
  • Fill the from with all the required details.
  • Pay the required fee in DD or deposit in the Bank Account (
  • Submit the filled form to the Student Coordinator of the facility.
  • The Student Coordinator will get back to you with all the details about the beginning of the course.

One can use the lab for his/her project purpose. For that purpose the lab usage form can be downloaded from here ( Fill in all the details and submit to the Student Coordinator of Siemens CoE. Lab Usage is free of cost for NITT students.

Courses Offered

The below mentioned courses are available in the Siemens CoE.

  1. Product Design and Validation Lab:
    • NX CAD Beginners (32 Hours)
    • NX CAD Intermediate (40 Hours)
    • NX Sheet Metal (16 Hours)
    • NX CAE Beginner (64 Hours)
    • NX CAE Intermediate (40 Hours)
    • NX CAM Beginner (32 Hours)
    • NX CAM Intermediate (32 Hours)
  2. Advanced Manufacturing Lab:
    • Human Simulation (50 Hours)
    • Basic Robotic Simulation (40 Hours)
  3. Test and Optimization Lab:
    • Test Lab – Structures and Rotating Machineries (40 Hours)
  4. Robotics Lab:
    • Industrial Robot Programming (80 Hours)
  5. CNC Machine and Controllers Lab:
    • CNC Certification Program (120 Hours)
  6. RPT Lab:
    • Rapid Prototyping – FDM (8 Hours)
  7. Automation Lab:
    • Basics of Automation (40 Hours)
  8. Mechatronics Lab:
    • Mechatronics System Certification Program (40 Hours)
  9. Process Instrumentation Lab:
    • Basics of Process Instrumentation (40 Hours)
    • Basics of Process Control System (40 Hours)
  10. Electrical and Energy Saving Lab:
    • LV Switch gear products, Distribution & Panel (LVS-WPD) (32 Hours)
    • Sentron PAC Meter (LV-PAC) (16 Hours)
    • Sinamics DC Master 6RA80 (DR – DCM) (40 Hours)
    • Sinamics G120 with starter (DR-G120) (40 Hours)
  11. Internet of Things Lab:
    • Internet of Things Course - Modules (40 Hours)

FEE Structure

  • For NITT students – Rs.100/ Hour (for all courses)
  • For other colleges’ Students – Rs.350/Hour (for all courses)