Certificates General Instructions

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  1. Candidates shall apply for the issue of transcripts and other academic documents in the Prescribed application only.
  2. The fee for issue of transcript / academic documents is to be paid through SBI i-collect ONLY. The e-receipt is to be submitted along with the application.
  3. Application in any form should be accompanied with a valid ID proof, for verification.
  4. The applicant must have identified the universities for which he / she want to apply before the request for the transcripts. The names and addresses of the universities should be written on the official envelope, which will be supplied by the institute on request, at the time of application.
  5. Transcripts will be mailed to the addresses of universities, if requested in the application.
  6. The applicant should submit the application IN PERSON at the Transcript Section, Office of the Dean (Academic) between 3:00 and 4:30 pm on a working day. If the applicant cannot come in person, he / she shall send the application
    1. Through an authorized person
      1. Along with an authorization letter.
      2. The authorized person should produce the copies of the ID cards of himself / herself and the applicant.
      3. The APPLICANT is the student / alumni whose certificates are to be issued. Hence, the application and the fee payment should be made ONLY in the name of the APPLICANT and not on the authorized person’s name.
    2. Through E-mail to transcript@nitt.edu
    3. By post to -

Dr. T. Sivasankar,

Associate Dean (Academic),

National Institute of Technology,

Tiruchirappalli – 620 015,

Tamil Nadu, India.

Other Instructions

  1. Those who have completed 10 years of graduation before the date of application, should pay SEARCHING FEE.
  2. The requested certificate will usually take 1 week to process. If the requested certificate takes more time, contact the necessary people who haven't signed and ask them to do it as soon as possible. (Note: This is not applicable for alumni who have passed out from NIT-T / REC-T, before 2008, check this link for more information about fees to be paid and documents to be attached with the application).
  3. In case of partial payments, pay the remaining amount and merge all the receipts and submit. Click here to make all payments.

Procedure to Obtain Attestation / Transcription (for Academic documents)

  1. Candidates should bring their original documents and submit along with the copies to be attested, for verification.
  2. If the original certificates cannot be produced for verification, a duly attested (to be attested by a gazette officer or notary public) photostat copy may be treated as the original certificate.
  3. Original certificates / attested document in original, is mandatory for transcription / attestation
  4. The original certificates will be returned immediately, after verification. Attested document in original, will be retained by the office.