Degree Certificate (Duplicate)

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To procure a duplicate Degree Certificate, students need to pay a certain amount based on the requirement.

Payment method

  • Visit, select the checkbox, and click Proceed.
  • Select “Tamil Nadu” for State of Corporate / Institution and select “Educational Institutions” for Type of Corporate / Institution and click Go.
  • Select “NIT TRICHY INSTITUTION FEES” for Educational Institutions Name and click Submit.
  • Select “Duplicate Certificate” for Select Payment Category and it will be redirected to the next webpage.
  • Fill in the required fields in the form including fee details. Payment details are available here. Click Submit after filling in the required details.  
  • Choose the payment method according to your convenience.
  • After successful payment, download the e-Receipt.

Proof required in case of loss/theft

  • Copy of FIR (First Information Report) filed with Police intimating the loss of the certificate.
  • The full sheet of the newspaper in which the loss/theft of the certificate is published (for verifying the date of issue, name, and page number of the newspaper)
  • A non-traceable certificate issued by the Police official, duly signed by the Inspector or Sub-Inspector with a round seal (from the area in which the candidate lost the certificate) by mentioning Crime and Occurrence Sheet Number and Date.
  • An affidavit on a non-judicial stamp paper duly signed on the prescribed stamp by the Notary Public with an undertaking to return the duplicate degree in the case the original degree is found.
  • Attested a Photostat copy of the degree certificate, SSLC / H.Sc. mark sheet, and valid photo identity.

Proof required in case of damaged / accidental mutilation

  • The application should state the nature and cause of damage
  • The damaged original document
  • Statement of undertaking