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Coders. Problem solvers. Computer geeks. Developers. Technical architects. We are a close knit group of computer science enthusiasts that enjoy coding and hope to make a difference with our code. Our work spans across all domains of Computer Science from Web and App Development to cutting edge technology like Machine Learning, Blockchain, Game Development, Cloud and IOT. As the official Web Team and programming club of NIT Trichy, we develop and maintain the institute's official website and handle web related activities of the institute's festivals including the cultural fest, Festember and the technical fest, Pragyan. Our members are constantly working with cutting edge technology and software on their exciting personal projects. We love hackathons and spend a lot of our time working on new ideas. The club also conducts events and workshops on an annual basis.

Events Conducted

  1. Delta Winter of Code
    • DWoC is a winter long program with an aim to support and improve the culture of open source software
    • It serves as a platform for young student developers (or even starters) to hone their technical skills by taking up projects of their interests.
    • The 2020 edition received applications from 375  participants out of which 33 students were selected for the program, 18 from NIT Trichy and 15 from outside.
  2. Hackertalks
    • A geeky glimpse into different avenues and topics in computer science and engineering through a combination of talks and demonstrations.
  3. Codecharacter (in association with Pragyan)
    • Code Character is an online AI programming match, where one writes C++ code to control troops in a real-time strategy game.
  4. Dalal Street (in association with Pragyan)
    • A virtual stock exchange simulator where one aims to maximize their profit by trading fictional securities.
  5. Beer Factory (in association with Pragyan)
    • Beer Factory is an online strategy-based, single-player game that is designed to test the art of resource management. Participants manage the production and management processes in a factory and attempt to maximize the factory’s profit to gain popularity. Each participant competes against a computer-simulated opponent.
  6. Pragyan Premier League (in association with Pragyan)
    • Pragyan Premier League is an online fantasy cricket league that lets players manage their own team from buying squads to deciding the line-ups.
  7. Capture the Flag (in association with Pragyan)
    • Capture the Flag (CTF) is a computer security competition. It distils major disciplines of professional computer security work into short, objectively measurable exercises.
  8. Labyrinth (in association with Pragyan)
    • Labyrinth is an online treasure hunt event that tests your technical and analytical skills. This event will require immense general knowledge, prowess over the art of decoding clues and a lot of common sense, coupled with a faithful internet connection.
  9. Utopia
    • A virtual nitt for the students to explore, hang out, and play on.
  10. Outbreak Origins and Attack on Robots (in association with Pragyan)
    • Coming soon for the first time in 2022!

Campus Development Initiatives

  1. Official NITT Website
  2. Web Operations
  3. DAuth
    • DAuth is an OAuth2 based Single Sign On (SSO) for NITT Students designed as a replacement to existing Webmail Login.
    • It serves as an easier, faster and more secure way to authenticate internal applications.
    • DAuth is open to be used by any and all students of NITT and can be integrated with any application.
  4. Course Fair
    • The pre course registration portal used by the students of NITT.
  5. Scholarship Portal
    • Portal intended to keep students up to date with available scholarships and provide an accessible method of registering for them, while also allowing the admin to approve or reject applications.
  6. Students Site
    • Portal intended to unify the different campus portals in our college. Currently consists of Clubs and Bills portals.
  7. Rembook
    • The portal serves as a time capsule used by Students and Alumni to revisit your college life and preserve the memories they treasure. Write about those who helped you make memories in your college life.
  8. Nostalgia
    • A casual voting game to give out quirky awards to the graduating batch each year.


Inductions will take over the summer vacations and a bit into the following semester. It will consist of two main phases:

  1. Mentorship phase
    • Over the summer interested applicants will be paired up with mentors and assigned tasks to do and learn from. Applicants will also be expected to complete a project from any domain of their liking from Computer Science.
  2. Onsites
    • After the mentorship phase onsites will take place on campus and will consist of different challenges, interviews and a hackathon.

While there are no domain restrictions after getting inducted, the applicants will be asked to apply via one (or more) of the following tracks

  1. Web Development
  2. App Development
  3. System Administration

Watch our past induction briefings to learn more: Induction Briefing

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