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About the Club

We are the Designers' Consortium, a set of forty-two aspiring design enthusiasts with a perpetual thrust for innovation from various engineering backgrounds. We began our journey in 2015 as a fourteen-member team, and have passionately advanced to become the official Product Designing Club of NIT Trichy.

Our main aim is to identify key problems that hamper the comfortable living of the diverse sections of our society, and provide with an answer to their needs. To defy the various odds in the way, design a solution satisfying requirements and deliver a product championing the standards is our motto.

Events Conducted

Techathlon: Workshop conducted on theory sessions for mechanisms, design thinking, product development and 3D CAD modelling.

Contrive: A hackathon exclusively for first years where they are required to find a tangible solution for the given problem statement. The solution must be technically and economically feasible.




The windmill’s performance is affected by many factors such as dust accumulation on the wind blade, cracks on the edges and surface of the wind blade and lightning strikes. The proposed solution is a semi-automated, cost-effective product that will scan the blade, clean the surface and repair minor damages.


People over the age of 50 are prone to disorders such as arthritis and the weakening of their backbone, making it difficult for them to walk or climb stairs. The proposed solution aims to make grocery shopping and stair-climbing a better experience for the elderly.


Biofouling is a thin layer of bacterial formation on dams, damaging the dams and other concrete structures and being the primary cause of decay in lifetime in dams and reduces energy output from reservoirs. The proposed solution aims to provide an effective way to remove biofouling of various underwater surfaces and construction like bridge piers (circular surfaces), ship hulls, dam surfaces (curved surfaces).


Given the current COVID pandemic, wheelchair users are unable to go to gyms and hence can’t maintain body fitness. Even in usual times, disabled people have little access to gym equipment.

The solution is a station-based equipment that will assist users in exercises.


EARamend is every hearing-impaired person's safety companion, alerting users of impending sources of danger, steering them to safety. The solution is a simple and customizable waist belt capable of alerting the user of any incoming risks with the unique combination of a LiDAR system and a trigger word detection model.


A low-cost effective wheelchair locking mechanism that only needs push of a button.


A low cost, lightweight and automated catheterization device which will be helpful to the people suffering from urinary incontinence which is nothing but difficulty in bladder release mainly caused by spinal cord injuries. Our device consist of a pinching valve mechanism which closes and opens the valve based on the pressure measurement of the urine in bladder through a specialized pressure sensor.


A retrofittable low cost low effort device for wheelchair users to climb staircases conveniently. Retro ramp achieves ascent and descent with the help of a foldable platform, mounted on a set of railings and pulled by motor-driven chain hoist.

Post Stroke Physiotherapy Exoskeleton:

●      Developing a physiotherapy exoskeleton for patients who suffer hemiplegia after a stroke to eliminate the need for travel to a hospital and the continuous involvement and physical effort of a physiotherapist

●      It is aimed at providing rehabilitation to both the upper and lower limb interchangeably within a single product

●      Uses closed feedback control to move a total of 6 degrees of freedom in 3 joints in the hand and 3 degrees of freedom in 3 joints at the leg.



Auxilio is an orthotic device that reduces the impact load on the knees and aids people with temporary or chronic knee pain to lead a comfortable life without hindrance. The product helps in shifting load from the medial compartment of the knee towards the lateral direction, reduce initial shock forces experienced at heelstrike and an assist mechanism at the knee to reduce the effort required to extend the knee.


T-Ceres addresses the reckless use of plastic bags by consumers all over the world by providing them an alternative by converting used T-Shirts into cloth bags. Therefore, we use it to its maximum while also preventing manufacturing of new cloth bags which otherwise will cause adverse effects on the environment.


​A device that can rescue a child stuck inside a deep, narrow borewell within the shortest time and safest way possible. T Rex can be maneuvered through constrained space and rescue the child from the borewell, irrespective of its diameter. The child is continuously monitored by thermal imaging and the device also includes employment of various sensors D6T (to monitor the Heat survival waves), gas sensors etc.


Brake judder is the variation in the braking force due to thickness variations and misalignment of brake disc. This causes the pedal to vibrate acting as a challenge to apply constant force during brake testing. The designed robotic arm applies required force on the pedal using a combination of linear actuator, stepper motors and springs. During judder continuously sense the variation in the force on the pedal and actuate the linear actuator accordingly to adjust the pedal so as to keep the force constant.

Braking Pad:

Braking Pad is a robotic arm capable of applying constant or programmable force while performance brake testing of a bike. With the help of sensors and brake characteristics the robotic arm applies a counter force on the braking pedal to ensure the braking force experienced by the wheel remains constant.

Piston Heads:

Even though IC engines have been used to convert fuel into mechanical work for centuries and many technological advancements have been done in this area, most engine efficiencies are still around 35%-45%.

Piston Heads is a project aimed at increasing thermal efficiency of IC engines via optimizing turbocharger and turbocooling by eliminating turbo lag,optimizing geometry, inlet port modification, exhaust gas and waste recovery.


Marshians is a small-scale, feasible and efficient land-fill gas collection and electricity conversion plant. The model consists of a root-type gas collection system for better area coverage, simple and regenerative gas treatment processes, electricity generation using microturbine that follows the Brayton cycle with multi-stage intercooling, compression, and recuperation and leachate treatment and generation of electricity using the treated leachate water.


First Prize, Energy and Environment, Sangam, Pragyan 2021

First Prize, Healthcare and Life Sciences, Sangam, Pragyan 2021

Third Prize, Assistive Technology Makeathon, Shaastra 2021, IIT Madras

First Prize, Innovationeering, Techfest 2020, IIT Bombay

Third Prize, Earth Matters, Techfest 2020, IIT Bombay

First Prize, Bajaj Robotics Challenge, Shaastra 2020, IIT Madras

Second Prize, Bajaj Robotics Challenge, Shaastra 2020, IIT Madras

First Prize, Caterpillar Innovation Challenge, Shaastra 2020, IIT Madras

Second Prize, Caterpillar Innovation Challenge, Shaastra 2020, IIT Madras

Second Prize, Designathon, Gravitas 2020, VIT

First Prize, InnovIndia Hackathon, Young Indians and CII

Second Prize, InnovIndia Hackathon, Young Indians and CII

Truck Mountable Street Vacuum Cleaner; Handed over to the Trichy Municipal Corporation in 2019

Third Prize, Energy and Environment, Sangam, Pragyan 2019

First Prize, Defence, Sangam, Pragyan 2019

First Prize, Healthcare, Sangam, Pragyan 2019

Third Prize, Waycool IDP, Shaastra 2019, IIT Madras

First Prize, Caterpillar Innovation Challenge, Shaastra 2019, IIT Madras

First Prize, Agrineers, Shaastra 2019, IIT Madras

Third Prize, Agrineers, Shaastra 2019, IIT Madras

National Top 4, Technovation, Maruti Suzuki Colours of Youth, Delhi

First Prize, Ideate, Techfest 2018, IIT Bombay

Second Prize, Ideate, Techfest 2018, IIT Bombay

Second Prize, Sangam, Pragyan 2018

Third Prize, Sangam, Pragyan 2018

First Prize, Indian Railways Design Challenge, Shaastra 2018, IIT Madras

Third Prize, Indian Railways Design Challenge, Shaastra 2018, IIT Madras

First Prize, Agrineers, Shaastra 2018, IIT Madras

Second Prize, Agrineers, Shaastra 2018, IIT Madras

First Prize, CAD Wars, Gravitas 2017, VIT

First Prize, Sangam, Pragyan 2017

Second Prize, Indian Railways Design Challenge, Shaastra 2017, IIT Madras

Second Prize, Sangam, Pragyan 2016

Third Prize, Sangam, Pragyan 2016

Third Prize, DESMOD, Shaastra 2016, IIT Madras

Second Prize, Pragyan Design Challenge, Pragyan 2016

Second Prize, CAD Wars, Sangatha 2015, IIIT D and M, Kancheepuram

Induction Process

Questionnaire 🡪 Task 🡪 PI 🡪 HR

The students would be required to answer a set of questions having sections from physics, mechanisms, material science, ergonomics, tronix etc. After the sheets are evaluated, they are allotted with a mentor who shall guide him/her through the next task where they would be required to come up with a feasible solution to the problem statement given to them. The next round would be where the student is tested on critical thinking and knowledge on product development. The last round would be the HR round where the compatibility of the candidature with the club is evaluated.

Core Members

President : Tariq Anwaar    - 9789797975

Treasurer : Vyankatesh Patil - 9403167846

Technical Head : Yatin Shankar    - 9004046611

Technical : HeadMitesh Kumar     - 8797780214

Head of Innovation and Development : Pranjal Khakse   - 7588997505

Social Media Handles






Faculty Advisor

Dr. M.P. Selvan

EEE Department

+ 91-431-250 3262