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About the Club

Film Society is the official filmmaking and videography club of NITT. Our primary goal is to foster creativity, and to provide the necessary resources to pursue Filmmaking. We engage in producing all varieties of cinematic and video based content, and we invite anyone with the passion and willingness to put in the effort to join our team. We're open to all kinds of film lovers and artists. Our ever-reliable writing team forms the backbone on which our content is produced. This content is brought to life by our actors, directors, cinematographers, production designers, editors, and music composers. Another department of ours- the Film Appreciation team, spend their time discussing the magnificence and beauty of cinema, in addition to analysing iconic films trying to uncover their further depths, frequently posting articles regarding the same. Film Society has always been about learning and understanding all art forms and crafts alongside cinema. Our team is well-rounded and structured, but possibly our greatest pride is in the freedom that every member is given to pursue absolutely what they want to. There's no restriction based on which year you're in. Every single member of the team holds no more value than another, as it should be in collaborative filmmaking. All that matters is how passionate you are and how far you're willing to go for the craft. So if you love any aspect of the filmmaking process and want to learn more or maybe you just love cinema and wanna talk about how awesome it is, here's your platform!



Dialogue - A Screenwriting Competition, Mentored by FSoc members

Talkies Quiz - Quiz related to movies/TV Series conducted on Insta Stories

Offscreen - A series of Masterclass sessions with some of the most renowned names in the industry. We have had the privilege of sitting down with them and learning the intricacies of their films, and their filmmaking journey.


India Film Project (IFP) - 50 Hour Filmmaking Challenge

Induction Process

Timeline: Usually during the month of February (2nd sem for 1st years)

Profiles: Acting, Editing, Writing, Music


  1. Induction Questionnaire (Google Forms) - Non Eliminative Round
  2. Profile Specific task
  3. Personal Interview(s)
  4. Group Project (Filmmaking on spot)

We look for people who are passionate towards filmmaking and someone who loves talking about films.

Core Members

President: Brahadeesh Suresh - 91509 96092

Vice-President: Nachiket Kulkarni - 75400 08567

Treasurer: Dhruv Iyer - 93611 63628

Social Media Handles







Faculty Advisor

Dr. Satyaraj Venkatesan

Department of Humanities and Social Sciences


Phone: +91 98945 68617