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About the Club

Fine Arts Society, having a vision of improving art and craft skills through mutual learning and providing an opportunity to meet people of varied interest and skills in the field of art. Members of the club, always test their limits in creativity by using a different medium of visual art and tools to share their thoughts and express their opinions. Fine Arts Society apart from organizing exhibitions and making artworks, also conducts competitions for students and others allowing them exposure and incentive to work on their talents.

Events Conducted

1. Explore the Artist within You: Fine Arts Society keeping the motive of experience and participation in Visual arts strives to explore the artistic perspective of the students, by conducting and participating in the Art Competitions.

2. Artworks: Club members have the opportunity to participate & express their skill-set by making Paintings, Sketching, Sculpting, Wall Paintings,& Art Installations.

3. Art Gallery: A gallery with the best artworks of the Fine Arts Society will be Displayed.

4. Live sketching: An event where the club members will together travel to a selected place and do sketching at that place for a traveling and outdoor sketching experience.

5. Workshops: Workshops will be conducted in a different medium( Charcoal, Watercolor, Acrylic, Oil color painting, etc.. ) which provides an opportunity to develop the skill-set of making Art.


1. Gifting of portraits to prominent figures like Shri N. Chandrasekaran ,Padma Vibhushan N. Narayanmurthy , legendary cricketer Jhonty Rhodes, Music Performer Sachin & Jigar.

2. Participated and achieved in the following art events- Upcycle the trash - 1st, 2ndplaces, Wear the News - 2nd place, Paper Jewellery - 3rd place, at UNMAAD 17 ( A cultural festival of IIM, Bangalore.)

3. Wall Painting on flyover (in front of the main gate NITT campus) on Swatch Bharat Report submitted by The Director to MHRD.

Induction Process

Induction of the Fine Arts Society will happen every year during the month of October Induction process steps are as follows :

Step 1: An Induction poster with the date and venue of participation will be released in the Social media handles along with a form.

Step 2: Interested people have to fill the form and submit it for the inductions.

Step 3: 1. A Sketching/Painting task is given to the induction participant

2. Candidates have to bring the best of their artworks.

Step 4: A PI is taken to know the genuine interest and vision(intention and goal) of the participant towards the club.

Step 5: The results of the selected members will be announced into the social media handles and other communicative platforms.

Core Members

President : V.N.B.Ranjith Sekhar

Department of Architecture

Contact : 9994865557.

Treasurer : Teja

Department of Architecture

Contact : 9491529846

Social Media Handles

Instagram :

Facebook :

Faculty Advisor


Department of Civil Engineering

Contact : 8129941687