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About the Club

Graphique, the official graphic designing club of NIT Trichy, aims to spread the message of Design Thinking. Its activities are primarily centered around creating artworks for the institute's festivals - Festember and Pragyan. Graphique also takes up campus development initiatives to help everyone learn Graphic Design through workshops and Bootcamp by leading graphic designers. Mentored by our alumnus, the club members also take up various industrial and real-life problem statements and regularly engage with the global community to collaboratively solve the problem statements.

Graphique operates on multiple profiles such as Digital Art, Graphic Design, UI/UX, 3D Art, Motion Graphics, etc. Graphique got established on 22nd October 2019. Graphique currently has 49 active members: 4 core members, 22 managers and 23 coordinators.

Events Conducted

Graphique Bootcamp

Graphique Bootcamp is a free comprehensive workshop on the basics of Graphic Designing, Digital Art, 3D Art, Motion Graphics, UI/UX, etc., exclusively for the first year B. Tech / B. Arch students of NIT Trichy. It is usually conducted during the summer breaks for 40-50 days. Students are engaged with exciting tasks and Interactive sessions. Link:


Chroma by Graphique is a graphic design contest conducted for first-year students, usually in January. The competition is held in two formats (digital and traditional art) to accommodate the different talents and skills of the participants. In 2020-2021, the contest received around 50 entries from the first years from which the winners had to be picked. Three winners for each category were selected, and results were announced on the Instagram page, and the winners were given cash prizes. Chroma is the first contest conducted by Graphique for the first years and requires a lot of coordination and group work. Link:

Graphic by Graphique

Graphique Bootcamp is a two-day mini-workshop on Graphic Designing and Motion Graphics basics exclusively for the first year B. Tech / B. Arch students of NIT Trichy. It is usually conducted during the odd sem in September. Students are engaged with exciting tasks and Interactive sessions. Link:



Festember is one of the most significant projects of Graphique. Graphique led the Digital transformation of the Fest, which was only possible due to their expertise. Graphique worked on developing creatives for each Festember team across various domains of Graphic design, animation, videography, website development, etc.

A detailed list of team-wise mini-projects is as follows:

  • Festember Website development in collaboration with Delta and Web
  • Ops team
  • TCF - Creation of custom artwork for blog articles and 3D generate
  • interactive models for Shamat for Team Content of Festember
  • FET- Event and Cluster posters for the events team
  • FPT- Various creatives for online publicity campaigns, outreach event
  • posters
  • FMT- Brochure design, business cards, business template, digital
  • branding
  • FMR- Module design, branding for media partners.
  • FSR- Event posters for various social responsibility activities
  • Festember Culturals Team: Posters and publicity toolkit for Pro Shows,
  • Ad Meliora, Cadenza


Graphique is the official Design Team and Branding Ambassador of Pragyan. Graphique is currently handling the Social Media content and design creatives of Pragyan. Over 10000+ posts were made, including Posters, Motion Graphics, Art direction and we also took up Brochure design for marketing campaigns, Website UI/UX Design, and Design of Printable assets.

Important initiatives undertaken by Graphique are:

  • Pragyan Website
  • Brochures, Magazine Adverts, Digital Ad Banners
  • Events, workshops, GL, Exhibition posters, and trailers.
  • Theme Ideation and Branding
  • Pragyan Inductions Instagram Handle
  • Informational posts, i.e., Blogs, Citizen awareness campaign


Ideating, designing social media content and branding for NIT Trichy Orientation Programme. Over 500 design artworks made so far.


  • NITT Admin Cell: Official design medium for Convocation 2020 and 2021, helped Student Council and clubs of NIT Trichy with posters designs and branding.
  • NITT Website Redesigning: Graphique redesigned the official website of NIT Trichy ( with new colour schemes and interactive user interface, and user experience under the request of NIT Trichy’s administration.
  • 36 Days of Type: Graphique participates and completes the yearly 36 days typographic design project promoting space for creation across the globe.
  • Inktober Challenge: Graphique participates in a 31-day challenge to improve inking skills and develop positive drawing habits.
  • Project Aura: Colour, a powerful entity that connects with the soul. Colour transmits and translates emotion across boundaries. Graphique explored diverse shades of colours to understand the feelings linked with each one. Graphique presented Project Aura to embody this eccentric phenomenon that transcends human perception.
  • New Sem New Me: It was a project which creates a virtual representation of offline and online semesters to the freshers of NIT Trichy.
  • Secret Santa: Secret Santa by Graphique was an intra-team event that happened from 28/12/2020 to 31/12/2020, where 27 members of Graphique exchanged portraits anonymously. A set of 3 posts, each of 9 artworks, were posted on our Instagram handle.
  • Wallpaper Wednesday: The students of NITT were bestowed with high-quality wallpapers every Wednesday on Graphique official Instagram handle.
  • Art vs Artist 2020: It was a design campaign where members of Graphique created a portfolio of their works.
  • Project X: It was a project in which members of Graphique tried out new genres.
  • T&P Brochure: This project was commissioned by the Training and Placement Cell of NIT Trichy to design the UG placement brochure for the academic year 2020-21 and 2021-2022.
  • Saarang: Graphique participated in IIT Madras’s Saraang Designathon, a four-hour designation based on 2D & 3D design problem statements. Graphique Club Members Yuvaraja and Raswanth participated in a Motion graphic Event and secured 1st Place. Graphique club Member Manasa participated in the Digital Face painting contest and secured 2nd Place. Graphique club member Sarvesh participated in an event called "Photoshop Battle" and secured 2nd place.
  • D’Con: Members of Graphique attended a Design conference, called D'Con 2021 which was an eye-opener and provided us with depth into the concept of Design from a Broder perspective.
  • Design Challenge: Graphique participated in 7 days design challenge conducted by the Indian Film Project Festival to recreate film posters.
  • Strate Design Contest: Graphique participated and got endorsed by Strate School of Design, Bangalore, in an online poster design contest among 200 entries.
  • March of Robots: Members of Graphique participated in an online design challenge to create robot character designs for one whole month.
  • Kurukshetra Design Events: Members of Graphique in 3 Design and Art Events conducted by Sastra as a part of their cultural festival, Kuruksastra.
  • 99U Conference: Members of Graphique attended an online conference that inspires creatives to supercharge their work, build incredible careers and ideas.
  • OIR Brochure: The Office of International Relations - NIT Trichy commissioned this project to design Institute brochure for the academic year 2020-21.
  • And plenty of other projects, competitions and artworks.


  • Secured First Place in Motion Graphics Event of IIT Madras’s Saraang Designathon (Participated by Yuvaraja and Raswanth)
  • Secured Second Place in Digital Face Painting of IIT Madras’s Saraang Designathon (Participated by Manasa)
  • Secured Second Place in Photoshop Battle Event of IIT Madras’s Saraang Designathon (Participated by Sarvesh)
  • 6000+ Followers on Instagram, making Graphqiue - the most followed club in NIT Trichy.
  • First club to have virtual Inductions in the post-lockdown period.
  • First club to provide Digitally signed certificates that are verifiable online.
  • No of artworks made in the year 2020-2021: 1000+
  • Most active club on Instagram: 1000+ posts since March (including Festember, Pragyan and Orientation)
  • The forefront of all digital campaigns by fests of NIT Trichy

Induction Process

Do quirky designs, appealing artworks, and inventive ideas intrigue you? Are you one to perk up in domains like Graphic Design, Digital art, 3D & MoGraph and UI/UX Design? If you are fascinated by the subtle strokes of creativity in design, then you have all the eligibility to join Graphique.

Graphique majorly operates on four profiles:

  1. Graphic Design:

Graphic design encompasses visualizing and creating graphics, including illustrations, logos, posters and layouts. It is an art of visual communication. Your graphics should attract the attention of audiences and deliver an apt message to them. If you believe you have the mettle to create artistic visualization and the ability to translate requirements into a design you are the best fit for this profile.

Commonly used software:

  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Adobe Illustrator
  1. 3D Art & Motion Graphics:

Artists blend the gap between reality and art. Designers that set the world in motion. A profile that redefines our perception of the world to create renders and design mograph reels that will blow your mind. We materialise our ideas using various 3D and Mograph software.

Commonly used software:

  • After Effects
  • Blender
  • Cinema 4D
  1. UI/UX:

The UI/UX design deals with the graphical layout and design of a mobile or web application. When you open an application, whatever you see there, the screen layout, buttons, sliders, transitions, animations and the other elements concerned with the aesthetics fall under this profile. As a UI designer, your responsibilities will be: To design graphic user interface elements, like menus, tabs, buttons and other components. To develop UI mockups and prototypes that clearly illustrate how sites function and look.

Commonly used software:

  • Adobe XD
  • Figma
  • InVision
  1. Digital Art

Delve into the modern world of digital art with Graphique and find new innovative ways to adapt your traditional artistic ability to the new age. It is the perfect opportunity to hop onto the digital platform and expand upon your unique art style. All it takes is the passion to keep learning and a basic understanding of any of the user intuitive digital art software like Adobe Photoshop, Krita or Procreate to unlock a plethora of interesting opportunities!

Commonly used software:

  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Affinity Designer
  • Procreate

You don’t have to be an expert in these profiles. Even if you don’t know anything about design, Graphique has two comprehensive workshops (Graphique Bootcamp & Graphic by Graphique) to help you learn what design is all about. Graphique inductions usually happen after Graphqiue Bootcamp in the summer break, and lateral inductions happen in the month of February. A designer’s greatest attribute is their desire to learn and create. If you have an interest in art and have a creative side, Graphique welcomes you! A fortnight of learning, practicing, designing, editing, modelling and more! We at Graphique are excited to help you broaden your creative horizons, and assist you in unleashing your inner designer.

Core Members

Name Role Department Column
Priyanshu Asthana President Metallurgical and Materials Engineering Engineering 8734920856
Vineeth Karthikraja Treasurer Civil Engineering 6374180477


Festember Design Head Electronics and Communications Engineering

Electrical and Electronics Engineering


Yusuf Shaik

Pragyan Desgin Head Production Engineering

Electrical and Electronics Engineering


Social Media Handles

Faculty Advisor

Dr. R. Bala Krishnan

Assistant Professor

Department of Computer Science and Engineering