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Insurance can only be claimed by an NITT Student (not for family) subject to the condition that they were hospitalised for a period of more than 24 hours.

The Insurance Claim Form needs to be duly filled and signed

Details regarding Policy Numbers 2021-22

Students Safety Package Insurance Policy Number

(Medical Claims)


Group Mediclaim Policy Number

(Accidental Claims Only)


An original copy of your bills along with the insurance claim form are to be couriered/sent via post to the address given below (After lockdown ends in Tamil Nadu):

Claim Forms and Original Bills should be sent to the following address:

Medi Assist India Tpa Pvt Ltd,

No:10 C, I Floor,

Shri Complex, TB Road,

Mahaboopalayam, Madurai

Tamil Nadu– 625016

Contact Person: Mr. Mahesh Pandian: 7094496963

After receiving an SMS notification verifying the approval of your insurance claim, kindly forward the respective proof to, they will issue a cheque for the required amount on your name.