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Jitheshraj Scholarship for promising freshmen identifies and brings together students of NIT Trichy who have the curiosity to explore, the discipline to persevere, the will to make a difference and growth mindset. This scholarship is a tribute to Jitheshraj Periasamy, who was an undergraduate student in the department of Computer Science and Engineering at NIT Trichy.

The Scholarship includes a cash award of 50,000 INR, and an opportunity to fraternize with accomplished alumni of NIT Trichy. Scholars will also receive guidance from former scholarship winners and fellowship awardees and In-house training to prepare for and achieve world-class graduate level scholarships.

Finalists of the scholarship will receive flash mentorship from alumni and other exclusive opportunities.

Procedure to Apply

  • Find the Application form for Jitheshraj Scholarship from the link https://www.jrscholarship.org/ and fill the given form.
  • Before the deadline of the application, all scholarship applicants should meet the following requirements:
    1. Achieve a passing grade in your first semester. Extra points will be awarded to every applicant based on their relative ranking among all applicants of the current application cycle.
    2. Participate in an online or onsite contest conducted by clubs/fests affiliated with NIT Trichy during the current academic year. (Contests pertaining to STEM and related subjects are preferred)
    3. Participate in an online contest conducted by an organization other than NIT Trichy and its affiliates during the current academic year. (Contests pertaining to STEM and related subjects are preferred)
    4. Compose a 1-page long project abstract to a project that spans over a period of 4 weeks or more undertaken during the current academic year. It can be a hobby project or for an organization of your choice. (Projects pertaining to STEM and related subjects are preferred)
    5. Complete an MOOC (Massive Open Online Course) of duration more than 4 weeks or 20 hours during the current academic year. You are not mandated to purchase the verified certificate on course completion. But proof of completion of course will be required. Suggested platform for MOOC is edX. (Courses pertaining to STEM and related subjects are preferred)
  • Please note that you will not be able to save drafts of this application and thus, recommend you to go through the requirements, prepare necessary documents and then submit the application in one-go. Kindly refer to https://www.jrscholarship.org/application-checklist.html for other requirements in terms of document format.
  • All interested first-year undergraduate students must take part in mid-year checkpoint. Students who have not participated in the checkpoint will not be allowed to submit their final application. Follow the steps given in the link https://www.jrscholarship.org/mid-year-checkpoint.html to complete the mid-year checkpoint
  • Members Shortlist will be announced shortly after the mid-year checkpoint.
  • Selected members will have to sit through the process of Interviews.
  • Announcement of Final Winners and distribution of awards will transpire.