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About the Club

League for Environmental Awareness and Protection (LEAP) is a student club in NIT-Trichy aiming to disseminate the urgent issues prevailing in the environment and in the campus among the students of NIT-Trichy. The club was founded to create a new approach to spread awareness and educate the students so that they develop a high level of competence in global environmental issues and to labor themselves in finding suitable solutions at the college level itself.

Some of the past activities of LEAP include participating in a global campaign at Trichy organized by the Indian Youth Climate Network, studying the feasibility of setting up a Biogas plant on the campus, creating awareness about pressing environmental issues through stalls and documentary screenings. Driven by passion and enthusiasm, the club ultimately aims to make NITT an environmentally conscious and sustainable campus.

Events Conducted

1. Green Fridays:

Awareness posts were put up every Friday on small, unnoticed things we use daily- teabags, sunscreen, wipes, and their effects on the environment.

2. Online quiz based on climate change:

An online quiz was conducted on 24th October 2020, based on climate change. Quizizz platform was used, and 110+ participants had participated. The quiz results were released on 25th October.

3. Guest Lecture with Mr.Robin Singh:

The lecture was on 18th January and the platform used was zoom. Mr. Robin Singh had an interactive talk about Peepal Farm, a not-for-profit, non-governmental organization located in Dhanotu village, Himachal Pradesh, and their work to improve the living conditions of stray animal populations.

4. LEAP case study challenge:

Themes were suggested, and participants had to write a short case study on them. It was conducted on 26th January. Winners were announced on 7th February.

5. Earth Hour 2021:

People were encouraged to turn off lights for one hour and save electricity for mother Earth. Earth hour took place on 27th March.

6. Nature Quiz on World Environmental Day:

An online quiz was conducted on 5th June 2021(World Environmental Day) based on the topic environment. Quizizz platform was used and around 120 participants had participated. The results were declared on 13th June

7. Essay Writing Competition:

Participants had to write an essay on any of the following topics:

(1)The interaction of society and nature as a system

(2)Interrelation of the natural environment and human health

(3)The interconnection of the systems of human technology, human culture, and human nature.

It was conducted on 7th June 2021, and winners were announced on 13th June.

8. Comic Design Competition:

Participants should do a Comic design/Meme design + Poster using characters like plants, animals, or anything related to nature. The event was conducted on 7th June 2021, and winners were announced on 13th June.


Biggest FEAT in association with NSS (IBR Event) in mid 2019:

We volunteered to organize and teach in a mega drive event to bring about awareness amongst the masses on the issue of Plastic Waste Management. Our members traveled to over 140 schools in and around Trichy to carry out the event and spread awareness to 28000+ students in and around Trichy, and this has been recognized in The India Book of Records. All of the volunteers received a medal from the Deputy Collector of Trichy as a token for our efforts. The massive event got registered on INDIAN BOOKS OF RECORD.

Golden Dustbin at Octagon in early 2019:

The Roll Number Sheets In Octagon After Every Print Can Be Used To Make Notebooks That Can Be Distributed Further.

A Box Has Been Put Up In Front Of The Print Section For The Students To Support The Cause By Dropping The Excess Sheets Cannot Be Accessed By Others To Remove The Sheets.

Induction Process

Timeline for Induction: Usually between August and October. The Induction poster will be circulated on social media platforms and will be given a couple of days to register.

For whom: To all the nature lovers, environmental enthusiasts passionate about working for Groot and his cousins and making them our besties, and protecting them.

Inducting criteria:  During the induction process, the candidates will have 2 PI’s and will be given a Couple of tasks based on their domain opted. Task & Their passion towards the environment plays a vital role in judging the candidate.

Core Members

President: Rugvedh

Vice President: Aasritha

Treasurer: Vamsi

Technical Head: Venkatesh

Design Head: Kamaleswar

Events Head: Harsha

Content Head: Shashi

Videography Head: Jaswanth

Plantation Head: Manoj

Social Media Handles

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/leap_nit_trichy/?hl=en

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/leap-nitt

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/leap.nitt/

Faculty Advisor

Dr. Jaganathan VM

Assistant Professor

Department of Energy and Environment

B. Shameedha Begum

Assistant Professor

Computer Science and Engineering