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This portal is used for various important information that needs to be passed to students such as Course Registration, Hall Ticket, Exam Results, Fee Details, Hospital Services, Course cancellation, hostel details and registration. This portal acts as the holy grail for all the students that need to be addressed academically in NITT.

This portal can be accessed either on Mozilla Firefox with https://misreg.nitt.edu/NITTSTUDENT/ and on Google Chrome with https://github.com/CaptainIRS/nitt-mis-chrome-fix. All the students of NIT Trichy can access this site with their MIS credentials (Roll number and password).

The various options in this portal that can be exercised include Admission Cancellation, Course Registration, Course Break up, Exam Results, Vehicle Booking and Cancellation, Hostel and Mess registration, Applying for Student Medical certificate.

Forgot your Password

For those who have forgotten their MIS credentials, mail travi@nitt.edu regarding the problem and they will send you a temporary password, with which you can log in.