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All students admitted to the B.Tech. Program will have to take either NCC or NSO or NSS as a non-credit extra-curricular Program in their first year.

The NCC / NSO / NSS requirement should be completed within the first two semesters

NSS / NCC/ NSO will include:

  1. Practical / Field activities / Extension lectures. The activities shall be beyond class hours.
  2. The student participation shall be for a minimum period of 45 hours per semester during the first year.
  3. The activities will be monitored by the respective faculty in charge and the First Year Coordinator.

If a student falls short of the attendance requirements she/he should make up the deficiency as noted below:

  1. If the absence is on valid grounds, the deficiency will be made up through extra classes.
  2. If the absence is unauthorized, the deficiency will have to be made up during the following year. The deficiency in NCC will have to be made up in NSO / NSS Programs at the rate of four times the deficiency, i.e., each NCC class missed will be made up by four NSS/NSO classes.
  3. The deficiency in NSO / NSS classes will have to be made up at the rate of two classes for each class missed.