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The Office of International Relations (OIR) in NITT was initiated during 2018 by the Dean Academic; and currently is attached to the Dean (ID and AR), and looked after by the Associate Dean (International Relations).

The Office of International Relations intends to develop and coordinate the international activities of the faculty and students of NIT Trichy.

OIR is committed to providing holistic personal and professional development to students of NIT Trichy and our Partner Universities through global exposure opportunities. By means of programs like STEP (Single Term Exchange Program), the OIR looks to facilitate long term collaborations with international universities over a spectrum of capacities. The Office also serves as the primary point of contact for any member of the international community on programs and facilities available at NIT Trichy and also aims to promote and support study abroad opportunities through Global Exchange Programs.

Key tasks of the Office include:

  • Implementing the strategic plan on internationalization
  • Preparing and evaluating agreements with international partner universities
  • Administering and promoting faculty and student mobility
  • Establishing agreements for the joint supervision of thesis
  • Providing information to students and faculty on international mobility opportunities

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