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About the Club

Pixelbug is the official photography and videography club of NIT Trichy.

We have covered every event that has taken place on the campus of NIT Trichy since our establishment. We possess a group of 60 photographers who produce excellent content, through hard work and talent. We are proud to be entering our 10th year as a club.

Events Conducted

EMR (Edit My Raw)

EMR is an annual event where we select submissions from the students of the college which are then edited by members of our club to be posted on our INstagram page. This event allows our members to exercise their creative talent and display our talents to the world.


Aurora is our annual flagship event, where we invite acclaimed photographers to share their experiences and advice with the students.


This is an inter-club event where all members , across all years, participate and compete. They are given a theme every week and the members submit their most creative photos taken by them, related to the theme. Two winners are selected and their entries are posted on our page. This event acts as an icebreaker for new inductees and helps them explore various areas of photography.

Induction Process

The induction process for our club takes place in the month of March.

Students who are passionate about photography/videography can apply and having a  camera is not mandatory.

Stage 1: Students are requested to submit 2 of their favorite photos which have been taken by them. Submission of the photos usually takes place on our website, and the students are selected for the next round purely based on their submissions.

Stage 2(PI-1): Students who cleared the first round get a call for stage 2 (interview round) where they are questioned on the basics of photography and videography depending on their preference. Each student is allotted 2 themes and they are asked to submit a photo/video which should be shot during the time span of the next 3 days.

Stage 3 (PI-2): Students will be asked technical questions about their submissions from Stage 2. The general behavioral check is done in this round to see how interested the candidate is joining our club and how they react to different situations.

Core Members

Head,Videography: Ajay Patnaik, Production Dept.


Head,Photography: Mudit K , MME Dept.


Treasurer: Rashwanth, Civil Dept.


Head, Festember Videography: Aravindh Roshan, Civil Dept.


Faculty Advisor

Dr. Sathyaraj Venkatesan

Dept. of Humanities and Social sciences

Email: sathya@nitt.edu