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About us

The nature club of NIT Tiruchirappalli responsible for the welfare of the animals and plants. Ensuring that they are taken care of well and also take an active responsibility in spreading awareness of nature. We are a merger of Incredible NITT and Animal Welfare Club. These two clubs came together to form Prakruti to commonly ensure the welfare of both plants and animals. We frequently engage ourselves in taking care of birds and animals in the campus, ensuring that they have access to food and water. We have also planted saplings and shrubs at different places around the campus. Animals are taken care of by consulting a vet and given medical assistance.

Induction Process

We generally look for nature enthusiasts who eagerly take up the responsibility of taking part in the club activities and are backed up with good writing and designing skills. We generally finalize the induction process within 3 weeks and will commence during September.

Core Members

President: Astha Arya (MTech-2nd year)

Vice President: Tamil Selvi (BTech-3rd year

Treasurer: Bishal Raj Singh (BTech-3rd year)

Design Head: Poncibi (BTech-4th year)

Animal Welfare Head: Yash Rajesh Hirary (MTech-2nd year)

Web Ops Head: Thavapalan Arivan (BTech-4th year)

Content and Events Head: Rishev Ranjan (BTech-4th year)

Social Media Handles




Chittash - +91 9385527609

Ram Prakash - +91 97883 38890

Faculty Advisor

Dr. Sai Krishna Mothku        

Assistant Professor

Department of CSE