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About the Club

Who are we?

We started out as a WhatsApp group among Finance enthusiasts in 2018, and quickly grew to be known as ProfNITT - the finance club of NIT-Trichy, providing a platform for students to enhance their knowledge in Finance and Investment.

Our Mission: Aim to bring about financial literacy among students of NIT-Trichy, helping them make well-informed monetary decisions.

Our Objective: To empower students by increasing their knowledge base in finance related domains, via various events and industry projects brought with the help of our strong alumni network.

FinTech includes:

  • Quant
  • Machine Learning
  • Data Science/Analytics
  • Portfolio Management
  • And much more…

Events Conducted

  • TECHNICAL ANALYSIS OF STOCKS [10th August, 2019] : knowledge sharing session on basic finance, stock trading and application of technology in stock market
  • Insight [23rd August 2019] : Introducing financial services and the disrupting impact of technology on the financial industry. Mr. Rama Chandrasekharan (Head – Risk &  Financial Alignment, Aspire Standard Chartered Bank)
  • INVESTAS’ 19 [16th - 18th October 2019] : Series of engaging events, challenging competitions, interesting and knowledgeable guest lectures.
  • THE TALK [12th November, 2019 On-Campus Interaction] : Mr. Rama Variankaval (Managing Director at J.P. Morgan New York). Insights provided into intriguing world of finance. The chaotic, thriving lifestyle of a trader at Wall Street
  • THE ORACLE IN FINANCE [28th January, 2020]: Discussion on various domains of finance (risk management, valuations, corporate finance, etc.) A more in-depth look and industry-oriented take on the concepts
  • FROM WANNABE TO TRADER  [24th  January, 2020] : Workshop Conducted. Participants were tutored on understanding stocks, shares and the physical meaning these hold. Students were made to explore trading techniques used in industry
  • PAYTM Online Case Study Challenge [May 2020] : In association with Talentine, conducted two rounds of Case Study Challenge in which the problem statement was based on PayTM’s market scenario during the then imposed lockdown. Cash prizes worth 15k disbursed.
  • Stock Investing with FINSTOCKS [Oct 2020] : In collab with FINSTREET, ProfNITT brought in subsidized finance courses for all students in NITT, an online workshop.
  • Guest lecture [1st November, 2020] : Online webinar session conducted by Mr. Arpit Agarwal, founder of Pragyan, on the world of finance and “Career for Engineers”, in association with NITTSAC.
  • MC Connect [18th June 2021] : Mr. Chirag Mahawar – Online session on how to build a career in finance and manage personal finance.
  • FinTRIV [25th July, 2021] : An online finance questionnaire for all the students of NITT with cash prize for the winners.


BharatX - A NASCOMM-incubated Startup

Born from a ProfNITT Project to tackle India’s Credit problem - it aims to empower the 98% of Indians who are unable to get a better access to credit.


A Banking project in association with a Navriti Technologies that aims to bring Neo - banking to 3rd and 4th tier towns.

Insider Trading Analysis of Ruchi Soya Stock

Team worked on a research paper elaborating on the curious story of Who or what exactly happened behind Ruchi Soya’s 9000% move in less than a year when the world was in a recession. Patterns, regulations, history of other bankrupt companies, consequences of insider trading were studied. Shareholding for the last decade and day in-out transactions data for the script were sourced from NSE.

Induction Process

The process starts with inviting registrations from budding financial enthusiasts (complete noobs are also encouraged to explore) by filling out our specially curated questionnaire form. The entrants are expected to complete Task 1 (gauging Genera financial knowledge) and Task 2 (testing technical skills) to the best of their ability within the deadlines.

Finally based on the quality of the work submitted, the finalists are personally informed of their Personal Interviews slots (evaluated on their personality traits and Tasks submissions). Based on their performance, we select the most enthusiastic, eager to learn, determined candidates. (pre-financial knowledge is not a requirement but the inductees are expected to grow and start learning from Day 1 of the Induction procedure)

Core Members

Name Role Contact
Anshul Vishal President +966 50 624 6113


Ananthakrishnan Treasurer 7550041383


Shubham Kadam Vice-President 7220001653


Azim Seceretary
Aswin Samay Club Coordinator
Sethu Karthikeyan Projects Lead
Sanjay Design Lead
Shivam Kumar Alumni Relations Manager
Siddhesh Ashok Gaikwad Events Manager
Bhuvaneshwaran Social Media Manager

Vaibhav Chaudhari

Content Manager
Karan Dhingra Associate Projects Lead

Social Media Handles

Faculty Advisor

Dr. Janarthanan Balakrishnan, MBA, UGC-Net (JRF), PhD (NITT).

Phone: +91-9080783387

Email id:, [[1]]