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About the Club

Robotics and Machine Intelligence (RMI), is the official robotics and technical research club of NIT Trichy. We primarily focus on technical, research projects and competitions in Robotics, Artificial Intelligence and related fields. We also conduct workshops and events throughout the year to encourage enthusiastic students to learn and pursue robotics. We are one of the oldest clubs in our campus with strong alumni connections all around the world doing active research in the field of robotics and resources required for students to explore the field of robotics.

Events Conducted

Genesis is our annual robotic hands-on workshop conducted exclusively for the freshmen enthusiastic to seek the adventure of inducing life to machines.

Following is our annual robotics competition conducted exclusively for the freshmen eager to try their hands in building their own robots.

Apart from these we also conduct few events to interact with the students of NITT.


We have taken up various problem statements and have completed many of them (which you can find in our website and github). Our current research projects are:

HuRos is aimed at mimicking two legged animals. It’s a developmental platform for building humanoid robots and prosthetics.

The Open Quad is designed to detect and recognize criminals in large crowds using image processing algorithms and then ask the user (police or person in surveillance room) for permission to follow that criminal autonomously.

Pepper was developed as a mobile robot capable of mapping any dynamic environment and navigate in it and can be used as personal assistant for users. It has now evolved into a multi-agent system capable of deploying new SLAM and path planning algorithms.


For the academic year of 2020-21, our accomplishments include:

Our MARKO project got accepted into IEEE Mascon ‘21 conference

First place in Eyantra ‘21 conducted by IIT Bombay

Second and Third Place in Sangam ‘21

Won 30 competitions in robotics and related fields at various prestigious institutes including IITM, IITH,BITs Pilani and more

Induction Process

The inductions generally start during the end of your second semester. We will be sending out tasks for you to complete over the summer. Once your vacations are over, we will be conducting interviews based on how you worked on your tasks. The ones who did well in tasks and interviews gets in. You will be getting to know more details during our briefings and genesis workshop.

Core Members

Rigved, President

Girish, Vice President

Sivvani, Treasurer

Aravindh, Treasurer

Aswin, Head - Design And Publicity

Satish, Head - Workshops

Social Media Handles



Faculty Advisor

Dr. K. Pannirselvam

Mechanical Department