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About the Club

The Freudian Paradox, is a Cognitive Science club dedicated to ideas of Analytical Psychology and Mathematical Philosophy.

With the forthcoming data revolution, we cannot deny that Data Analytics and Cognitive AI, will be one of the prime areas of research and interests in the scientific community, and in this cognitive revolution, analytical psychology and mathematical philosophy have their roots in understanding about the brain.

Using these ideas we learn how cognitive ability and consciousness be integrated in Artificially Intelligent systems, behavioral economics and other applied sciences, which often gets neglected, statistically know as Unconscious Bias.

The club promotes studies in Human Sexuality and Sexual Fluidity. No institution in India as of now have a certified course or a dedicated club, that promotes the study of Human Sexuality and NIT Trichy could be one of the firsts to take progressive step in this regards.

Events Conducted

  • Rainbow Fest, which is the exclusive pride Fest of NIT Trichy which is conducted in lieu of the Pride Month.
  • The annual Cognitive Science Conference in collaboration with University of Edinburgh, University of San Diego, University of Arizona, Institut für Kognitionswissenschaft, Germany.
  • We conduct year-round workshops, seminars, etc.


Knowledge Argument

We worked on a scientific paper to come with a mathematical approach to model one of the long-standing problems of Philosophy, namely the Knowledge argument. We worked on creating a Topological Measure to frame the hypothesis and tackle it from both the physicalist and dualist perspectives.

The Minimal Turing Test

We worked on a scientific paper that minimalizes the Turing Test by using random Markov Classifications. We created a large-scale survey using a self-developed app, and used the results to come up with necessary statistical inferencing.

Crowd behaviour Prediction System

We presented a paper at the Annual Conference of Cognitive Science regarding the same, where we use infrared cameras, to take real time pictures of crowd and we use our one of a kind algorithm implementing ideas of computer vision to perform feature attraction and, conduct emotional analysis, and further we use a statistical test to finally come up with the emotional quotient of the crowd.


  • Founder and member of the International Network of Cognitive Societies including University of San Diego, University of Arizona, Institut Fur Kognition Swisschenschaft, Germany, Cognitive Systems Research Institute Greece, University of Cambridge.
  • Members participated in the Annual Conference of Cognitive Science at IIT Kanpur
  • First successful pride event of NIT Trichy.

Induction Process

Round 1 involves an online test possibly on Hackerrank that tests your logical inferencing capability and aptitude/fervor in psychological inferencing.

Round  2 involves a personalized interview with shortlisted candidates to grasp their abilities in coming up with effective solutions and approaches to philosophical and cognitive open problems.

Core Members


Name: Sayan Kumar Chaki

Roll: 205320019

Dept: Computer Applications





Name: Atulya Akash


Dept: Computer Applications



Name: Rajas Jayant Joshi


Dept: Computer Applications


Public Relations:

Name: Mansi Mehra



Social Media Handles



Faculty Advisor

Name: Dr. B. Balaji

Department: Computer Applications

Email ID: