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About the Club

The Thespians' Society, the Dramatics club of NIT Trichy was established in the year 1986. This society actively takes it upon itself to propagate the art of theatre, exploring genres from tragedy and thrillers to comedy and suspense, performing works by renowned playwrights as well as original scripts. The club consists of 17 members which make up the Acting, Music and Production teams.



  • Orientation Play
  • Festember
  • Improv Night
  • Mainplay


  • Instincts (SSN, Chennai)
  • Saarang (IIT Madras)
  • Unmaad (IIM Bangalore)
  • 8th Mile (RVCE Bangalore)


8th Mile, 2020 (RVCE Bangalore)

  • Best Play
  • Best Actor
  • Best Director

Unmaad, 2020 (IIM Bangalore)

  • Best Play
  • Best Actor(ensemble)
  • Best Script
  • First Prize, Improv

Saarang, 2020 (IIT Madras)

  • Runners up

Instincts, 2019(SSN Chennai)

  • First Prize, Improv
  • Best Script

8th Mile, 2019 (RVCE Bangalore)

  • Best Play
  • Best Actors
  • Best Script

Unmaad, 2019 (IIM Bangalore)

  • Runners up

Induction Process

Inductions usually take place during the even semester of the first year, it usually consists of several rounds that test the acting and production, followed by personal interviews.

We do not expect any experience in theatre, just strong enthusiasm and will to have fun working for the club.

Core Members

Sanika Sheth, President

Department - EEE

Contact - 9004775519

Prathamesh Bhutra, Treasurer

Department - ICE

Contact - 6290992023

Social Media Handles




Faculty Advisor

Dr Sitara K, CSE