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The main objective of RECAL is to bring alumni of National Institute of Technology Trichy, formerly Regional Engineering College, Trichy under one forum for the dissemination and exchange of their experience, knowledge and talents amongst its members and the students of the College and for the furtherance of fellowship, advancement of scientific knowledge in the general interest of the institution, the community and country. The Association has the powers to enroll members, form committees, sub-committees and call for periodical meetings and to form chapters in the country and abroad to achieve the objective of the Association.

  • Go to  and login with GMail credentials and fill in necessary details.
  • All the pre-final and final years and alumni are eligible to register in this portal.

With the collaboration of the Students' Council, the alumni portal has made it easy to find people from your place of residence for mentorship under “Chapters” , provide an option for job opportunity and internships,  find well established alumni all over the world and from different departments, to get new updates about gatherings and reunions and much more. It also has “Interest Groups” where students interested in various club activities and other projects can enroll and work towards fulfilling their passion. The portal also focuses on various initiatives such as Alumni aid, collecting and allocating funds for various issues and projects present in the society.