Crypto NITT


CryptoNITT is the official blockchain community of NIT Trichy. It is for promoting education and awareness about technology among students and faculty by hosting events such as talks and workshops to indulge students in the technology of blockchain and cryptocurrency. The community connects with industry experts and fellow enthusiasts in exploring the world of web3 and also facilitates networking opportunities between students and industry professionals in the blockchain field if you’re a person who’s always wondered how the crypto world functions then this is the best place to get a kick start

Events Conducted:

Blockchain 101 - Speaker Session

CryptoNITT, in association with India Tezos, hosted a speaker session for passionate and curious enthusiasts about Web3. Mudit Marda, the Co-Founder and CTO of Drife and a blockchain Tech Analyst at India Tezos on board was the speaker on the night who delivered his delightful speech and embarked us on his journey.

Hands-on Web3 workshop

CryptoNITT hosted a Web3 workshop on 19th of March, 2022 with a limited seats of 20 in Orion. The workshop didn’t waste their time in lecturing the enthusiasts on what blockchain is and how it works but rather concentrated on how to immediately get started with building on the blockchain. The concept of GmPortal was delivered where anyone on the Internet can learn a little about who we are and send us a “gm” message and have that data saved on the blockchain, forever.

Blockchain Summit

CryptoNITT partnered with YBlockchain, a global web3 community with the mission to enhance adoption and scale of blockchain technology. YBlockchain conducted a Blockchain summit on October 15-17 of 2021. There were distinguished blockchain professionals ready to dissect with the what, how and why of web3 with webinars and hands-on sessions. The summit also provided a chance of winning a crypto.

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