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The Wiki for NIT-Tians, Curated by the Technical Council
Head over to GATE page to check out information and Resources for the upcoming GATE 2022 exam
Check out Mental Health Resources for detailed information about various mental health resources available for students
Financial Aid & Scholarships.png
Financial Aid & Scholarships

Detailed Information about Financial Aid and Scholarships available for NITT students

Institute Formalities.png
Institute Formalities

Detailed Information about Institute Formalities for certificates, academic & complaint procedures

Yellow Pages.png
Yellow Pages

Contact details of various sections/bodies of the Institute

Admin and Student Bodies.png
Admin and Student Bodies

Information about Admin and Student bodies


Information about different Portals


Information about various resources available for NITT students

Center of Excellence.png
Centre of Excellence

Details about Centre of Excellence in NITT

Clubs of NITT

Details about Clubs of NITT