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The Technical Council, NIT Tiruchirappalli is a wing of Students' Council, responsible for managing, ideating and supervising most of the activities in the college. The duties and responsibilities of the body mainly revolve around three entities:

  • Campus: The Technical Council works for campus development, spearheading initiatives, organising TechTalks, workshops, a prominent example being the DSC workshops and contacting technical companies for giveaways for the students. Moreover, the Technical Council also coordinates with the CoEs, ISRO incubation centre and other labs to ensure a thriving platform for budding tech enthusiasts.
  • Pragyan: The Technical Council ideates upon and implements, 'Technical Showcases' (videos and setups utilising a prominent technology to showcase the number of days to go for Pragyan), organises Gamescape, and conducts initiatives like the Human Library. The Technical Council also aids in the conduction of events during Pragyan.
  • Technical Clubs: The Technical Council along with the technical secretary monitors and manages the activities of the various technical clubs on the campus.

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