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This page contains contact details of various office bearers of the institute.

Emergency Contact

Institute Hospital

Ambulance: +919486001162

Pharmacy: +918925331553

Security Office

+91 043-12503000

Nearby Police Station (Thuvakudi)

+91 043-12501254

Academic Contacts


Dr. N. Kumaresan

Dean (Students Welfare)

Telephone: +91-431-2503041

E-mail: and

Dr. Ramakalyan Ayyagari

Dean (Academic)

Telephone: +91-431-2503011

E-mail: and

Dr. G. Subaiyan

Dean (Institutional Development & Alumni Relations)

Telephone: +91-431-2503033

E-mail: and

Dr. (Mrs).L. Cindrella

Dean (Faculty Welfare)

Telephone: +91-431-250-3021

E-mail: and

Dr. M. Duraiselvam

Dean (Planning and Development)

Telephone: +91-431-2503023

E-mail: and

Dr. S. Muthukumaran

Dean (Research and Consultancy)

Telephone: +91-431-2503031

E-mail: and

Admin Offices

Dr. M. Arivazhagan

Email: and

The Registrar is the Secretary of the Board, Senate and such Committees as may be prescribed by the Statutes. He is the custodian of records, the common seal, the funds of the Institute and such other property of the Institute as the Board shall commit to his charge. The Registrar is responsible to the Director for the proper discharge of his functions. The Registrar shall exercise such other powers and perform such other duties as may be assigned to him by the NIT Act or the First Statutes of the NIT or by the Director.

All the official / demi official correspondence requiring the attention of Registrar, NIT-T may please be sent to the following address:

Dr. M. Arivazhagan,

Registrar i/c,

National Institute of Technology,

Tiruchirappalli - 620015

Tamilnadu (India)

Tel No. : 0431-2503052

Mobile No. +91 9486001107

Fax: 0431-2500133

Email id: and

Roles of Assistant Registrars (AR)

Shri. A.G. Vigneshwara Raj, Assistant Registrar (Stores and Purchase)

Stores and Purchase

Email: and

Mr.A.Sivarajan, Assistant Registrar (Establishment)

Establishment & Legal Cell

Email: and

Dr.S.Sathish Kumar, Assistant Registrar (Recruitment & Promotion)

Recruitment & Promotion

Email: and

Shri.R.Karthikeyan, Assistant Registrar (Accounts)

Accounts & TEQIP III

Email: and

Shri. R.Ravishankar, Assistant Registrar (Academic)


Email: and

The Administrative Office plays a vital role not only in the smooth administration of the Institution but also in the implementation of the directives of the Head of the Institution with reference to rules and regulations. The functions of the Administrative Office are:

  • Financial Management of the Institute
  • Providing Supporting role to academic, staff, student and development activities of the Institute

To improve the working atmosphere for the staff, elegant cubicles are provided in the main hall for each staff member. The chambers of the executives are linked to the computer network for updated information. They also have intercom and direct phone facilities.

Hostel Contacts

Hostel Administration Committee

HAC Email:

Sl. No. Designation Name Department Email add ( Cell Number CUG Phone Number add 91-431-
01 Chief Warden Dr.T.N.Janakiraman Professor/Mathematics janaki 9486001194 2503669
02 Additional Chief Warden Dr.G.Uma Professor/ICE guma 9486001192 2503359
03 Additional Chief Warden Dr.P.J.A.Alphonse Professor/CA alphonse 7373774343 2503742
04 Member Dr.R.Manjula Associate .Professor/Civil manju 9942305458 2503167
05 Member Registrar or his Nominee registrar 9486001107 2503052
06 Hostel Convener Dr.S Suresh Asso. Professor, Mechanical ssuresh 9486001184 2503422

List of Wardens

Wardens Email:

S.No Name of the Warden & Department Hostels & Mess Email Id CUG Phone Number Office Phone No add 91-431- Residence Phone No add 91-431-
1 Dr.R.Tamil Selvi, Maths OPAL C (East & West) First Floor Mess tamil 9489066277 2503671 2504671
2 Dr.V.Lavanya, DoMs OPAL A,E Ground Floor Mess lavanya 9486001176 2503710 2504710
3 Dr.M.Sridevi, CSE OPAL D, Beryl, Beryl Mess msridevi 9489066272 2503216 2504216
4 Dr.I.Jeyaraman Maths Amber A, B & MM II - GF jeyaraman 9486001193 - -
5 Dr.S.S.Karthikeyan, ECE Aquamarine A, B, Sabari Mess sskarthikeyan 9489066250 - -
6 Dr.N Prakash, Maths Zircon A, B & MM I GF prakashn 9489066261 - -
7 Dr. V. Karthik, MME Zircon C & Mess B karthikv 9788444987 - -
8 Dr.Manoranjan Sahoo, EEE Jasper, Coral MM I North FF sahoo 9486001199 - -
9 Dr. N.Samsudeen, Chemical Diamond, Jade F- Mess samsudeen 9486001185 2503119 2504119
10 Dr. JitrajSaha, Maths Garnet C, Agate, Mess A jitraj 9486001180 - -
11 Dr.Vamsinadh Thota, Maths Lapis, Sapphire, Topaz, Annapurna Mess vamsinadh 9486001190 - -
12 Dr.R.Periyasamy, ICE Emerald, Pearl, Ruby, MM II – FF periyasamyr 9486001195 - -
13 Dr.D. Ruben Sudhakar, DEE Garnet A, B Kailash Mess rubensudhakar 9486001177 -
14 Dr.R.Manjula, Civil OPAL B manju 9486001196 2503167 2504167

Contact Details for Other Facilities

Training and Placement:, +914312501081

Central Library (E-resource access):

Computer Support Group(CSG):